Little Crifts Cottage is a unique building in a unique, completely rural location on a working smallholding inside the Bodmin Moor, Cornwall AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). These special surroundings and secluded setting means there are a one or two unusual things about Little Crifts Cottage which we think you should know about before booking – that way, you can be confident that the cottage meets your needs and look forward to a lovely relaxing break. Full cottage Rental Rules are available here

Water Supply & Drainage

Little Crifts Cottage’s rural location means that we are not connected to mains water or sewage. The water supply for the cottage (which is shared with the farmhouse at West Trelyn) comes from a borehole on our property. The borehole was newly installed in 2014, and the water is charcoal filtered and UV treated before arriving in the tap. For extra peace of mind, the water is tested annually to ensure it complies with the drinking water standards for private supplies.

We love drinking our water – it tastes fantastic, fresh and clean and with no chlorine taint (so good in fact that the Cornish Natural Spring Water company are bottling it just up the road!) but we understand that some visitors may prefer not to drink it. Just in case this is a concern for you, we will leave a bottle of still water in the cottage to get you started. Further supplies of bottled water are available from any local shop.

The sewage system at Little Crifts Cottage connects to a septic tank. Please take particular care during your visit to flush only biodegradable wastes. Blockages to the drainage system caused by flushing unsuitable items (such as sanitary products, wet wipes, cotton buds etc) could cause significant inconvenience during your visit.

Internet & Mobile Phone Service

We have installed a dedicated telephone line at Little Crifts Cottage, so that visitors can enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi. Please be aware that as a result of our rural situation, there is no super-fast internet available locally, and our broadband speeds are limited (generally in the region of about 1.5Mbps). This should be adequate for web browsing, email and so on, but you may struggle to stream high quality video. So, if your idea of a perfect holiday includes a Netflix marathon, it might be an idea to download your viewing ahead of your arrival.

The telephone lines that connect us to the network are considerably longer and more exposed to the elements than those in urban areas – this means that we experience line faults more often than many households. We hope that you will not experience problems during your visit, but unfortunately should they arise, they are entirely outside our control – while we endeavour to get problems resolved by BT as quickly as we can, it is not possible to guarantee continuous internet service.

Then again, if your idea of an ideal holiday is to unplug, disconnect, and switch off all your gadgets and devices, we are happy to disable the Wi-Fi router in the cottage during your visit – just let us know when you book, and you can be completely free from digital distractions.

Most mobile networks seem to have service at the cottage for voice calls – though signal strength can be unreliable indoors. Mobile data service is patchy, with only weak 3G signal on some networks.

Visitors With Children

Families are welcome at Little Crifts Cottage, however certain features of the cottage may not be suitable for those travelling with young children.

The free-standing wood burning stove is a wonderful feature of the cottage living area, but please be aware that all surfaces of the stove and flue pipe become hot during use and may result in burns if touched. We would advise that for safety reasons visitors with young children, with older children who are not accustomed to stoves and fires at home, or who have difficulties with mobility, co-ordination or balance avoid using the wood burning stove. The cottage has underfloor heating through the living space, with additional radiators in the bedrooms, so you should be comfortably cosy, even without a fire!

The cottage is not equipped with baby/toddler equipment, and we are unfortunately not able to provide cots or high chairs, so if you are visiting with young children please bear this in mind when packing for your visit.


Little Crifts Cottage is located on our working smallholding, and our neighbours are also smallholders and livestock farmers. The experience of rural life and livestock keeping is a great pleasure to many of our visitors, who may not get the chance to get up close with sheep, cattle, hens or geese at home!

While we do our best to maintain the peace and quiet, it is very likely you will hear our cockerel, hens and geese – and those of our neighbours – during your visit. The cottage has great sound insulation and is double glazed, so we hope that you will not be disturbed.

Well behaved dogs are welcome at Little Crifts Cottage, but dogs and livestock do not always mix. We ask that you take particular care with your dogs on and around the property – please see the ‘Doghouse Rules’ for full details if you are planning to visit with dogs.

Vehicle & pedestrian access to the cottage

Access to Little Crifts Cottage is along a stone driveway from the road. The driveway passes over a cattle grid and through a field belonging to our neighbours which contains livestock for some of the year. Their dogs may also be running free on the access driveway. When accessing the cottage by vehicle or on foot, please keep strictly the driveway and keep any dogs on short leads.

Please drive carefully and slowly along the driveway. As with any un-made surface, visitors with low-clearance vehicles will need to take particular care.

Severe winter weather and snowfalls are unusual in this part of Cornwall, but not unheard of. At such times, please ensure your vehicle is equipped correctly to safely deal with the conditions. The local lanes are not cleared or gritted, and snow tires or chains may be necessary.

There is a gateway to the side of the cattle grid allowing pedestrian access. We ask that you ensure this, and all other gates around the property,  be kept securely closed at all times.

Ready to book? Check availability and contact us to make your reservation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification or if you have any questions relating to the above, at info@littlecriftscottage.co.uk as we want to make sure you’re completely happy before booking.