Little Crifts Cottage – clearing the ground

The old barn, sadly, was a hopeless case, timbers rotten through and barely held together by the equally rusted corrugated panels. It’s been some time since we’ve been happy to step inside it for any length of time, and I’m quite surprised that last winter’s storms didn’t do for it completely – they did however leave some quite impressive gaping holes, and, what with the increasingly obvious double-pitch roof ‘feature’, it was clear that the structure was becoming increasingly unsafe and something had to be done to deal with it.

The old barn
On one of the warmest days of the year, at the end of June, some good friends came to give us a hand to take the barn down. In the end, the old building put up surprisingly little resistance, the rotten timbers came away more or less painlessly at ground level after we removed the corrugated metal, eventually leaving just the concrete base slab. The corrugated sheeting was taken away for recycling. Any sound timbers and wooden cladding will find a use around the property somewhere, as will the door of the shed. The rotten and wood-wormed timbers will go for firewood, so there’s nothing wasted. In due course, the concrete slab itself will be broken up and form part of the hardcore for drainage around the foundations. Continue reading